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Premium Maintenance Plan

Get More with Flash Maintenance

Our Premium Maintenance Plan helps you extend your HVAC product life further while reducing frequency and severity of breakdowns. That’s because we go the extra mile to clean and maintain your system components beyond the scope of other companies.

We’re Different

Flash Maintenance goes beyond basic system checks to provide real value for you and your loved ones.  

Our expert maintenance team starts with rigorous cleaning of all your HVAC component parts, including the blower/fan wheel and housing, which most companies overlook. That’s because a cleaner system operates more efficiency, extends the life of the motor, and supplies you with healthier air long term.

We also wash the cooling coils to truly flush out all the contaminants in your system. Maintaining clean coils is critical to HVAC performance, helping your system run efficiently, use less electricity, eliminate biological growth, and improve dehumidification for indoor air quality you can count on.

Flash Maintenance also differs in how we analyze and document system performance. Our System Efficiency Report (a $300 value), Computer Generated IAQ Analysis and Advanced Diagnostics are just a few of the highlights of our all inclusive plan, detailed below.

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Premium Prevention Maintenance Plan


2 planned maintenance visits

Priority 24/7 service

Computer generated IAQ anaysis

System efficiency report

5% discount on equipment

EPA sanitizing of Air Handler

Slow release aligicide strips

Validate thermostat functions

Wash OCU; flush primary drain pan

Monitor refrigerant temperatures

Inspect compressor high-voltage terminals

Tighten all electrical terminals

Lubricate fan shafts and motor open bearings.

Visual inspection for biological growth

Test all safety controls

Validate duct static pressure

Inspect ducts for leaks, integrity

Test heat function(s)

Brush dust/lint from grill surfaces

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