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Breathe Smart

Smart technologies for indoor air
comfort on demand.

Stay Cool

Expert AC Service & Repair
to get life back to normal.
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Impeccable Duct Cleaning for
healthier, allergen-free air.

HVAC Service
& Repair

Duct Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality


Superior Comfort
You Can Feel

Enjoy noticeably cooler, cleaner air in your home or office with Flash Air Care. Our advanced diagnostics and science backed solutions are unmatched in the AC Service & Repair industry to ensure your air is comfy, healthy, cost effective and energy efficient, too.

Better Science for a
Healthier Home

Our holistic approach takes into account your entire indoor environment – including all interrelated systems, property layout and personal needs – to prescribe an air comfort solution that’s right for you. We then leverage the latest technologies to fine tune your indoor air temperature and quality for optimal health.

Eliminate Allergens in Every Room

Breathe Smart!

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Full System Diagnostic

“We don’t guess, we test.”

No two air systems are the same. That’s because there are variable factors in each home, including the occupants themselves, that contribute to the net health of the home. Beginning with state-of-the-art Air Testing, Flash Air Care performs a full-system diagnostic that goes beyond standard HVAC inspections to include all related variables


“Ideal temperature, humidity and
air quality”

Following your system diagnosis. you will be provided with a custom System Efficiency Report which details the problem areas in your home and what can be done to correct them. Flash Air Care does not rely on selling new air conditioners and can often save the unit and related parts you already have. We simply prescribe the right combination of cost-effective systems to maintain ideal temperature, humidity and indoor air quality to combat all the


“Professional and transparent”

With 48 years of mechanical contracting experience, Flash Air Care onsite service is professional and transparent. Everything we do is designed to optimize your quality of life in the most cost-effective way possible. This includes staying on schedule and protecting your interior space during installation.


“Keep your system running smoothly”

Flash Air Care provides you with essential preventive maintenance took to keep your system running smoothly while also:

Saving money
Breathing cleaner air
Increasing safety and comfort

Gain Control with Smart Technologies

Smart Thermostats

Control temperature, humidity, and air quality. using smart
sensors technology.

Air Filtration Technology

Remove particulates, dust, pet dander, spores, and dust mites.

Air Purification Technology

Destroy allergens, mold and odors; ensure pure air circulation.

UV Technology

Control biological growth by cleaning
coils with UltraViolet Light


Whole Home Dehumidification

Maintain ideal relative humidity for true comfort;
eliminate mold-causing moisture in the air,




Marquis Law

They were top notch and and came out right away were in and out servicing my ac. Very professional. (A/C system repair, HVAC system maintenance)

Fashion Junkie May

They recently cleaned our ducts and vents. They did a great job. Taped everything off so there wasn’t a mess. Also the techs were friendly and professional. My husband and I Highly recommend.

Beverly Mandell

Donald‘s crew sure did an amazing job on removing the mold and sanitizing our entire air conditioner handler as well as ductwork. Our house smells amazing and mold completely remediated!

Breathe Smart!


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