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Southeast Florida's Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning Experts

Experience Cleaner Air & More Efficient Systems Today


Stop Suffering from Dirty Air

The quality of the air you breathe matters to your health

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Allergies & Asthma?

Pollen, dust, dander, mold and more are circulating through your ducts and making you miserable.

Does your Family Keep Getting Sick?

Viruses and bacteria that circulate through the air could be the culprit. Stop them in their tracks.

Is your HVAC System Efficient?

Do you hate wasting money? Dirty ducts & HVAC systems cost more to operate and break down more frequently.

Finally find relief and
peace of mind

Enjoy cleaner, healthier air in your home or business with duct cleaning & HVAC cleaning from a certified professional in Southeast Florida.

Choose a healthier environment

Get Expert Duct Cleaning from a local, qualified professional in Southeast Florida today

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Certified, Licensed, & Insured

Don’t let just anyone clean your expensive HVAC system. We are fully licensed & insured and undergo extensive trainining to deliver the best results for our customers.

Locally Owned & Operated

Flash Air Care is a local business and we truly value the relationships we form with our customers. We care about you and your family.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

There’s no need to worry when you call Flash Air Care – we strive to exceed all your expectations.


How it Works


Schedule service with a certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist.


We will thoroughly clean your HVAC and duct systems. 


Your HVAC equipment is fully restored and performing optimially.



Regularly clean your ducts for a healthier indoor environment.

Have Confidence In Your HVAC Cleaning Company

NADCA’s dedication to quality assurance helps ensure and promote a higher standard of performance for all of its members.

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Flash Air Care is proudly a NADCA member. A company must meet strict requirements in order to be a member of NADCA:

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