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Breakthrough Solutions In Air Care

We are scientists, technicians, contractors, and health conscious creators sharing our knowledge and techniques to help optimize quality of life in South Florida home and office environments. We deliver high-quality indoor air control through better science, product sourcing, delivery mechanisms, information and customer service.

Holistic Science

We take a holistic approach to indoor air management – including all interrelated systems in the home or office environment.

Full System Diagnostics

Our team leverages 48 years in mechanical contracting and indoor environmental science to diagnose and remedy air quality issues.

Research-Backed Solutions

Our air comfort solutions help you maintain peak health, comfort and energy efficiency. Each is based on strong empirical data, proactive science and proven results.

Advanced Technologies

State-of-the-art testing

to validate abnormal condition(s)

Building code compliance evaluation

to validate compliance to current building codes for
safety and performance.

Smart technology integration

with the power to create automatic and programmable
temperature settings based on schedules,
weather conditions, and more.

Full system evaluation

analyzing all aspects of the AC system and
homes variables that contribute to the net
health of the home

Duct system sizing

we validate the duct system is sized properly,
an often overlooked measure as contractors
have no specific code for proper ducting.

Actionable priorities

not just a list of fails or concerns, but actual
data from your home that is distilled into
actionable tiers of priority.

Full System Diagnostics

Duct sizing

Moisture control


Load calculation

Static Pressure

Air Flow

Poor initial designs

Air Handler Internal Cleanliness

Electrical Integrity

Actual BTU Performance

Air Quality Testing

Safety for protection of people

Safety for protection of the System

Insulation Evaluation

Voids & Air Tightness of Ducts

Building defects

Code Violations

Condition of system components

Drainage & Water Safety


Breathe Smart!

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