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HVAC Service & Repair

Bring Life Back to Normal

When your home’s central air conditioning system is broken or not functioning properly, it can endanger your family’s health.

Flash Air Care has the expert knowledge and skills to remedy even the most complex AC breakdowns. We specialize in all makes and models of air conditioning and cooling systems – to get your life back to a healthy, comfortable normal.

From rapid emergency service to custom system optimization, you can expect professionalism, fast response, superior quality, and cost-effective service from our expert team.

About HVAC Service & Repair

Flash Air Care can handle even the most complex electrical and/or mechanical problems with your air conditioning system, including the air handler, outdoor condensing unit, and related parts. Their filters, coils, and fans require regular maintenance, as well as to function effectively and efficiently through years of service. Ducts may need to be resized, re-spaced or replaced

Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. When it comes to repairing your air conditioner, you need a company who is familiar with all the old technology as well as the new. That means your technicians need to be highly educated with plenty of repair and installation experience under their belts, or you can wind up with repairs that are less than satisfactory and can even possibly lead to you replacing the unit way before you should have.

The Duct Renovators™


Duct renovation is an essential part of HVAC service and repair. In fact, if you replace your system equipment without renovating the ducts, the promises of increased comfort, air quality, and energy savings may never be realized. That’s because ductwork directly affects system performance and is often the vital fix that solves long standing comfort issues and reduces utility costs. 



With Flash Air Care Premium Prevention Maintenance, you can extend your HVAC product life while reducing frequency and severity of breakdowns. 

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