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HVAC Mold Remediation Partnership

Turn our expertise into added capabilities for your HVAC-related business. As a white label partner, we’ll work with you onsite to manage the HVAC Mold Remediation process from testing to treatment, while following essential protocols. Essentially, we fill in any gaps in your team’s expertise so you can offer full HVAC mold remediation services with confidence.

Our partners include:

• Full-service remediation companies

• Mold assessors/testers

• AC Companies

• General Contractors

• IAQ Professionals

• Industrial hygienists

• Handymen

• Property Management

• Facilities Directors

Your extended HVAC Mold Remediation Team will:

• work with you side-by-side (we work very well with others)

• help you understand and follow remediation protocols with impeccability

• leverage our deep experience in HVAC remediation, unlike most AC companies or remediation companies

• provide advanced knowledge and expertise in assessing AC Systems

• share our passion for improving the health, comfort and energy efficiency of every home and office in South Florida

• leverage our membership in the most relevant associations and groups of like-minded HVAC remediators across the country. 

• decipher the mold assessment report

• ensure you pass clearance (after we do our work, a mold assessor will come back and test the work).

• ensure you protect a client’s home and contents

• provide mastery in building containments with negative air

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