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The Duct Renovators™

Duct Cleaning vs. Renovation


A clean, dry air duct is the best way to circulate healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient air throughout your home. However, if you’ve noticed a leak between the vents or condensation forming on your duct, you could have a larger problem which may require replacing a portion of the original ductwork, rather than simply cleaning and drying them out, which is proven to be ineffective and costly in the long run. 

Duct Renovation resolves your condensation and water leak issues that have temporarily or permanently damaged your existing ductwork – leaving you with a revived system that performs as well as the day it was first installed.

Water-logged ductwork is a vital concern too often overlooked by other HVAC companies who do not have the expertise, manpower, or willingness to go the extra mile to provide expert duct refitting services that highly benefit customers, yet bring in less revenue. 


Meet the Flash Duct Renovators™


The Duct Renovators™ at Flash Air Care are not salespeople, and are uniquely equipped to diagnose your existing damp ductwork and determine whether it can be saved or will require custom refitting to bring the system back to peak effectiveness. In fact, we can often save your existing component parts without major renovation, and we take every measure to do so before recommending replacement. 

As a rule, duct renovation pays for itself over time, as it improves system performance, increases comfort, energy savings, and reduces utility costs. This means your system will run like new for longer and require less frequent and/or costly energy use and maintenance.

Real Measurable Results

Each task our Duct Renovators perform significantly improves the quality and value of an equipment install or replacement job. In fact, this customized work can increase installed systems delivered performance from 50% to more than 90% efficiency

Learn how Duct Renovation can improve the comfort, air quality, and energy-efficiency of your home or office. Contact us today!

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 Our Dedicated Team


Flash Duct Renovators adhere to the highest level of integrity and care as defined by NADCA, the industry’s most respected national authority on Air Duct inspection, maintenance and restoration in the US.

Should Duct Renovation be required, it will typically take place in 2 steps:

 1. Install Crew

 Should you require a new install, this crew will compose and install sheet metal fittings, changing out the equipment, upgrading electrical, piping, flues/chimney, controls, and filters, and starting up the equipment.


 2. Renovation Crew

The Duct Renovators tackle the duct system. (Based on credentials, some crew members may be part of both teams). The Duct Renovators cut in additional supply and return ducts where needed, install dampers, seal the ducts, and add duct suspension as required. They may also add custom replacement registers and grilles or install additional duct insulation.  

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