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Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors

Smart water leak detectors are able to detect water and thereby help prevent excess moisture or even flooding that could result from faulty pipes or appliances.

If you’ve ever come home to a soggy basement or found out too late that your kitchen sink or toilet has a slow leak, you know how expensive it can be to repair or replace carpets, flooring, and walls with water damage. Finding leaks before they cause major damage is now easier than ever because of the proliferation of smart home  water-sensing devices that send alerts to your phone when they detect moisture. They range in complexity from simple puck-shaped sensors that you place on the floor, to in-line systems that monitor your water flow rate for irregularities that may indicate leaks.

Smart Water Leak Sensors

The longer a leak goes undetected, the more damage it does, destroying furniture and decoration, spawning mold and fungi, and even threatening structural integrity. A water leak detector can reduce the risk by alerting you to problems quickly, so you can act to prevent severe damage. To find the best water leak detectors for different needs and smart home setups, we evaluate our top models on their cost, user-friendliness, smart home compatibility, and app features.

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Smart Motion Sensors

No points for guessing what these do. Motion sensors detect movement in a select area of your home, and can send you an alert, trigger a siren or turn other connected devices, such as lights, on or off based on motion or lack of it.

One thing to be aware of: You want to put motion sensors in a place someone is likely to pass by, not simply walk in front of. This will make it more accurate at detecting movement. There’s no end of options out there for most every smart home ecosystem, whether your home runs on Zigbee, Z-Wave, HomeKit or Amazon Alexa.

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