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Mold Remediation (HVAC)

Mold Remediation (HVAC)

Mold contamination is a common issue in South Florida, as many homes have poor humidity control. However, the matter requires urgent attention. In fact the consequences of leaving mold untreated can be devastating – including occupants getting ill, structural damage, and damage to furnishings and personal property, not to mention the unpleasant musty odor.


Adding insult to injury, the mold typically circulates throughout the home or office via the air conditioning system, which then requires its own decontamination effort. At the first sign of mold, it is imperative that you find a mold remediation expert like Flash Air Care – with the advanced training, credentials and capabilities to contain even the most complex mold contaminations.

Why Flash Air Care? The real question is, why anyone else?

Flash Air Care is among the only air conditioning companies in South Florida to be licensed by the State in Air Conditioning and Mold Remediation, with essential NADCA-certifications in Duct Cleaning and Ventilation, among many others. We find this expertise invaluable and essential in keeping occupants safe while managing mold from testing to treatment without cutting a corner.

Surprisingly, most HVAC companies do just that, applying what they know and skipping the rest – putting you and your property at risk. Even more surprising is how many Mold Remediators themselves aren’t even licensed to manage mold and are not certified by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI).

Superior HVAC Mold Management from Detection to Cure

At Flash, we don’t guess … we test! In fact, everything we do is backed by science, including how we verify the presence of mold, determine affected components, analyze the impact throughout the home or office, devise a treatment plan, implement it, and finally, solve the humidity problem once and for all. That’s when we implement indoor humidity controls customized to your environment. Importantly, the only permanent solution for mold contamination is indoor humidity control.

Are you a Mold Assessor or Remediator with a challenging job?

 Ask us about Flash Partnership Services to expand your capabilities and resolve HVAC mold contamination issues of any size or scope.

Florida State Class A Air Conditioning License
• Florida State Mold Remediation License

• NADCA (North Amerian Duct Cleaning Association) License
• ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist) Certification
• CVI (Certified Ventilation Inspector) 
• NORMI Certified Mold Assessor
• General Liability Insurance
• ACR/NADCA Standards
• NADCA Code of Ethics

Flash Air Care meets the gold standard of care designed by NADCA for superior Duct Cleaning, with essential certifications in IAQ and Mold Remediation Solutions.

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