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Cold Attic Syndrome

We find the source and deal with the underlying problem

While Florida’s weather is generally nice year-round, the summer months are known to get very hot and humid. In an effort to reduce the stress on your air conditioner you may be utilizing attic cooling techniques to lower the temperature in the attic. But what you may not know is that when your attic is cooler than the air outside, condensation can occur, causing a variety of water and moisture-related problems including mold growth. 

This phenomenon is known as cold attic syndrome. Treating and remedying cold attic syndrome is unique to each home and requires help from a professional with the expertise and knowledge to provide a permanent solution for your home. 

Get help from a local, qualified professional today.


The team at Flash Air Care are experts in dealing with cold attic syndrome in the Southeastern Florida climate. If you start noticing musty smells in the air or are concerned about moisture in your home, we will come to evaluate the situation and identify a plan to restore fresh, quality air your home.

cold attic syndrome

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