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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

air conditioning service & repair


Cool indoor air is essential for health and comfort, especially in a tropical climate like Southeast Florida. Unfortunately, there are a number of cooling system problems that can occur unexpectedly. From drain leaks and clogs to blown fuses, odors and noises, you could suddenly find yourself in need of emergency repair. Flash Air Care 24/7 has your back with professional, cost-effective service when you need it most. This includes fast resolution of common issues such as:

  • No cool air in your home
  • Thermostat not functioning properly
  • Leaking ducts in your walls and ceilings
  • Clogged drains

Get life back to normal with cool, comfortable air. Give us a call now for professional Air Conditioning Service & Repair!


Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix your cooling system

For the sake of your health and money, it’s best to prevent clogged air ducts before you have to deal with all the consequences.The best way to ensure dependable cool air in your home is through routine AC system maintenance. We recommend servicing your system annually to ensure that it’s clean and performing optimally. Ask us about our Cooling System Service Plan for routine maintenance and coverage of common AC unit breakdowns. 


How We can Help

Residential AC system repair

Problems seem to strike at the worst possible times. That’s why Flash Air Care provides rapid, professional response and worry-free resolution of cooling system breakdowns 24/7. Our emergency response team can be dispatched within 1 hour to service any residential AC system make and model. We specialize in advanced, cost-effective remedies that bring your system back to optimal functionality in the shortest time frame possible.


residential ac system maintenance

Routine AC system maintenance is essential to avoiding potential problems before they arise. We recommend annual check-ups to keep your cooling system running smoothly. These are commonly done in springtime in anticipation of the hot summer months to come. From system cleaning to part replacement and repair, we ensure your AC system delivers optimal cooling for your health and comfort year round.


Condo & High Rise ac SYSTEM service

If you live in a condo or high rise building, AC system optimization is essential due to the enclosed nature of your space. Dirty and/or poorly circulating air directly impacts your health and comfort. 

Our certified technicians have the right equipment to access and remedy air conditioning system breakdowns in condos and high-rise buildings. We service both individual units as well as whole-building systems. 


restore your cooling system today

Get hvac system service & repair from a local, qualified professional

A breakdown in your home’s air conditioning system is not just an inconvenience. It also poses dangers to your family’s health. When emergency strikes, immediate service is imperative – so you can get life back to a healthy, comfortable normal. 

Flash Air Care is licensed, certified, experienced, and well trained to service all makes and models of residential and commercial air conditioning equipment in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and beyond

From rapid emergency service to custom system optimization, you can expect professionalism, fast response, superior quality, and cost-effective service from our expert team..



How it Works


Schedule service with a certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist.


We will thoroughly clean your HVAC and duct systems. 


Your HVAC equipment is fully restored and performing optimially.



Regularly clean your ducts for a healthier indoor environment.


signs you need emergency air conditioning repair

  • System is not turning off (or constantly turning off and on)
  • You notice a burning smell or unpleasant odor when AC is turned on
  • You notice leaks around AC unit
  • You hear unusual sounds coming from system
  • System is blowing warm air
  • System is blowing little air
  • Your thermostat is not responding to changes
  • AC is not removing enough humidity
  • You notice problems with increasing frequency